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Tips for the Empath

By Alison Olkowski Ever since I can remember I’ve been classified as “sensitive.” I have a sensitive heart and a sensitive mind. I am a feeler. As a s…

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Follow Through On Your Vision and Dreams and Stop Self Sabotaging
Free 21 Day Happiness Challenge: Experience a happier, more fulfilling life in only 10 minutes a day
In a blink of an eye your life can change! Focus on positives, on progress, visualize your dreams.
STOP Trying to Find Your PASSION! (why purpose is better)
Gratitude: A Universal Truth
FREE YOURSELF! No More Limitations, Expand Your Boundaries
Awakening My True Self

By Rebecca Edwards Awakening to my soul’s purpose was a gift I received from excavating my true Self from the dark depths of self-defeating behaviors, victimhood, and addiction. Aligning with the powe…