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Staci Backauskas
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Staci B is an author and spiritual explorer from Tampa who’s logged over 10,000 hours on the journey of awakening to the truth of who she really is. She has written seven books, including ego: A Primer, and her Out Your ego! column is syndicated both in print and online. Her work inspires others to realize that there is no “answer,” only the next step – and that is enough. Visit

Out Your ego: ego STALLS, Spirit MOVES FORWARD

I gave myself a due date to complete this book. I reasoned if I could do one card a day, I’d meet my goal. Today, I headed to Starbucks to write my one piece. Two hours later, after puttering on…

Out Your ego… Desperate vs. Confident

ego IS DESPERATE Spirit IS CONFIDENT Thinking about that bill you can’t pay makes your pulse quicken. Pondering the relationship you feel trapped in or the car that won’t start causes your mind to race. It just takes one thought…

Out Your Ego: Ego Settles, Spirit Reaches

Out Your ego! . . . and wake up to who you really are Ego SETTLES Spirit REACHES Remember the last time the waiter brought your food and it wasn’t exactly what you’d ordered? The conversation in your head might…

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