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Tips for the Empath

By Alison Olkowski Ever since I can remember I’ve been classified as “sensitive.” I have a sensitive heart and a sensitive mind. I am a feeler. As a s…

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Follow Through On Your Vision and Dreams and Stop Self Sabotaging
Free 21 Day Happiness Challenge: Experience a happier, more fulfilling life in only 10 minutes a day
In a blink of an eye your life can change! Focus on positives, on progress, visualize your dreams.
STOP Trying to Find Your PASSION! (why purpose is better)
Gratitude: A Universal Truth
FREE YOURSELF! No More Limitations, Expand Your Boundaries
Finding Your “Yes”

Finding Your “Yes” I’m writing this in the spacious stillness of Thanksgiving weekend. My life has been moving at high speed, but over this holiday break an opening appeared. The pho…

The Highest Service: Self Love

By Kumari From early childhood I was steeped in the tradition of service, first from a Catholic upbringing and then later from the eastern spiritual traditions of Seva (meaning self-less service). Thi…