Dr. Toni LaMotta
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Dr. Toni LaMotta is a keynote speaker, best-selling author of What You REALLY Want, Wants You and spiritual teacher supporting people in growing spiritually through the process of aging consciously. She also helps coaches and speakers create, publish and market their books. Dr. Toni is also an expert in supporting people and organizations in reinventing themselves in midlife and beyond. Her experience? From Catholic nun, to computer programmer and dinner theater actress, to professional speaker, entrepreneur, and ordained New Thought Minister. You can read her blog at www.midlifemessages.com and find out more about her conscious aging programs at www.tonilamotta.com.

STOP Setting Goals and Start BEING

By Dr. Toni LaMotta New Year’s day is when most people make resolutions—and a few weeks or even days from now will be the day most people have stopped following those resolutions. I’ve done a great deal of thinking on…

Conscious Aging: Being Content with What Is

By Dr. Toni LaMotta Our world is obsessed with youth and beauty. We are bombarded daily with ANTI-aging techniques and products. No wonder so many people fear growing older. Frankly, I’d rather not be ANTI anything but be FOR Aging…in…