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Spencer Rouse
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Rev. Spencer Rouse has been a psychic medium, teacher, counselor, writer and healer for more than 25 years. She recently completed her Level 1 and 2 studies of Acoustic Sound, Color, and Body Movement with Fabien Maman (Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy) at the Tama-do Academy in Malibu, and Switzerland. Spencer teaches “Soul to Soul” classes in Sarasota, FL, which focus on how to tune into the true self through the tools of sound, color, and ancient teachings. She also will be presenting an interactive class focused on color, sound and Chi in relation to healing this winter. For more information visit, email or call 941-706-1005.

The Art of Forgiving and Accepting

By Rev. Spencer Rouse The concepts of forgiveness and acceptance are often misunderstood. In Western culture, we have grown up with instructions on these acts from Jesus in Matthew 39-40: “Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other…

Finding Joy in Service to Others

By Rev. Spencer Rouse Giving service to others is a widely misunderstood concept. Service is not just an act; it is a reflection of who we are. We give service to others for a variety of reasons, but it is…

Loving Others Begins by Loving Self

By Rev. Spencer Rouse Love is a funny word. We use it to express a variety of feelings and attitudes. It can communicate romantic, sexual interest towards someone special, affection for family and friends, and when we really like something:…

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