Randall Moore
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Randy owns Triple 3 Marketing based in Sarasota. He’s a long term advocate for positive change having owned a couple community magazines since 1999. Randy sold Positive Change Media in April 2009 and took a year off before launching Triple 3 Marketing. In addition to helping business owners, he also provides private coaching. Randy has a masters degree in communication arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where he studied persuasion and attitude change. Contact Randy at randy@triple3marketing.com.

The Quantum Debate

By Randy Moore Does the structure of the physical universe reveal our spiritual essence? Some people believe quantum physics explains consciousness, the existence of God, and the mystical nature of Oneness. Others believe this connection is flimsy and mostly wishful…

The Story of Joy

Reflecting on the theme of joyful living led me to an online search of the word joy. I was surprised by the high number of links to consumer spending. While I don’t believe buying things is bad, I do think…