Nancy Selig Amsden
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Nancy Selig Amsden is a singer, songwriter, poet and author and has been involved in the creative arts for most of her life. She writes about cultural awareness and social justice. Nancy has a “day job” in the health insurance industry in the area of consumer advocacy. She has a passion for diversity management, has participated on a national diversity council, and is actively involved with her employer’s cultural awareness program. Nancy is currently writing a book about her experiences growing up in the “Grand Social Experiment”, called Columbia, Maryland, and how this very culturally diverse environment has impacted her life. Nancy hopes that sharing her story will help individuals, businesses and centers of learning to value and embrace the differences in people, allowing cultural awareness and diversity to become an integral and enriching part of their daily lives. Contact

Diversity Matters: Do You Think You Are Prejudice?

By Nancy Selig Amsden Becoming aware of our own prejudice can help us eliminate it. If you’re reading this magazine, I can safely assume you’re on a path of personal development. You’re probably spiritual, perhaps a light worker or a…