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Lisa Cedrone
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Lisa Cedrone is the editor of Transformation Magazine and a freelance editor, writer, and graphic designer working primarily in the spiritual and alternative healing communities. Prior to establishing her Sarasota, FL-based freelance business in 2008, Lisa spent 20 years as an editor/editor-in-chief for two of the Top 10 business-to-business publishers in the United States, serving the apparel manufacturing and residential construction/building markets. Her company, DragonFly Nation, offers a wide range of creative services, with an emphasis on cost-effective, turnkey editorial and design projects for both print and web. Contact her at or visit

Change Agents for a New World

Gregg Braden offers words of wisdom about the cycles of humanity and our spiritual evolution. By Lisa Cedrone Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of our world today. From terrorist attacks to police shootings…from natural disasters to man-made environmental catastrophes…from…

The Presence: A Crash Course in Higher Guidance

By Lisa Cedrone It was a busy afternoon, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Lost in thought, sitting in the passenger seat of the Jeep, I suddenly felt “The Presence” hovering over my shoulder. It communicated telepathically: “Look up, but don’t panic.”…

Write Your Own Spiritual Script

By Lisa Cedrone   There are as many different ways to experience and define the world around us—our reality—as there are people on planet Earth. That’s a lot of viewpoints! Is one more correct than another, more accurate, more ethical?…

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