Lend a Helping Hand

By Leon VanderPol Caring for suffering in any form ultimately advances the consciousness of the whole. There appears to be so much loss in the world these days, and so much pain carried from that loss…


Fear is the Liar

By Alan Cohen We must cease to live as if we are small, and claim our authentic magnificence. I recently watched a touching documentary, Tea with the …

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Follow Through On Your Vision and Dreams and Stop Self Sabotaging
Free 21 Day Happiness Challenge: Experience a happier, more fulfilling life in only 10 minutes a day
In a blink of an eye your life can change! Focus on positives, on progress, visualize your dreams.
STOP Trying to Find Your PASSION! (why purpose is better)
Gratitude: A Universal Truth
FREE YOURSELF! No More Limitations, Expand Your Boundaries
The Story of Joy

Reflecting on the theme of joyful living led me to an online search of the word joy. I was surprised by the high number of links to consumer spending. While I don’t believe buying things is bad, I do …

Loving Your Inner Child

We are all similar to movie projectors, constantly sending images out into our lives of how we value and perceive ourselves. Until we learn to love our inner child, we project and continue to draw int…

Cooking on Faith

By Rachael J Avery The Story of a Culinary Spiritual Awakening Ten years ago I awakened to a personal transformation tool that completely sculpted my life. In 2008 I was 60 pounds overweight, had a ne…