About Transformation


Transformation Magazine is more than a magazine, it’s a movement!

Transformation Coaching Magazine offers inspirational stories, tools and tips for personal empowerment and strategies for life coaching yourself or others.  Topics include:

~ Stories of personal transformation
~ Motivational and empowering ideas and stories
~ Practical exercises and tools for personal growth
~ Tools for life coaches and small businesses or entrepreneurs
~ As well as psychology, science, mindfulness, enlightenment, law of attraction and more!

What makes us different?

~ Relevant and inspirational articles!
~ No fluff or sales articles!
~ Tons of CONTENT, not ads!
~ Knowledgeable authors!
~ Unique and varied perspectives!
~ New, fresh topics every month!
~ Tools for individuals and coaches!

What are readers are saying:

“Thanks for making a magazine that has real depth without all the fluff that many personal growth magazines have!”
~ Amanda Pierce, Cleveland, Ohio

“I take something away from this magazine every month and I like how practical the articles are so that I can really apply them to my life instead of just read about them.”
~ Miguel Rodriguez, Orlando, Florida

“I love that each issue focuses on a different topic, and somehow there is always an article in there that speaks to EXACTLY what is going on in my life at the time. I don’t know how they know!!”
~ Lilia Spencer, London, England

“Best couple of dollars a month that I have ever spent!”
~ Lauren Deveroux, Life Coach, Ashville, North Carolina


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