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Transformation Coaching Magazine is more than a magazine,it’s a movement!

Transformation Coaching Magazine provide coaches a blueprint for building a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business, while making a difference in the world and living the lifestyle they desire. And it’s NOT just for coaches! T.C.M. offers inspirational stories, tools and tips for personal empowerment and strategies for life coaching yourself or others.

Topics include:

  • Stories of personal transformation
  • Motivational and empowering ideas and stories
  • Practical exercises and tools for personal growth
  • Tools for life coaches and small businesses or entrepreneurs
  • As well as psychology, science, mindfulness, enlightenment, law of attraction and more!

What makes us different?

  • Relevant and inspirational articles!
  • No fluff or sales articles!
  • Tons of CONTENT, not ads!
  • Knowledgeable authors!
  • Unique and varied perspectives!
  • New, fresh topics every month!
  • Tools for individuals and coaches!

What are readers are saying:

“Thanks for making a magazine that has real depth without all the fluff that many personal growth magazines have!”
~ Amanda Pierce, Cleveland, Ohio

“I take something away from this magazine every month and I like how practical the articles are so that I can really apply them to my life instead of just read about them.”
~ Miguel Rodriguez, Orlando, Florida

“I love that each issue focuses on a different topic, and somehow there is always an article in there that speaks to EXACTLY what is going on in my life at the time. I don’t know how they know!!”
~ Lilia Spencer, London, England

“Best couple of dollars a month that I have ever spent!”
~ Lauren Deveroux, Life Coach, Ashville, North Carolina



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